How could anyone say no to those beautiful puppy-dog eyes? 


Clara Foster (17) from Texas really wanted to have Olly, one of the pups from her cousin's litter, so she asked her father in a thoroughly modern way. 


"How many retweets do I need for you to say yes to the puppy?," she texted him. 


When his response was one million, she was undeterred, and asked: "Let's be realistic - 100,000?"




He agreed, but that's still setting a high bar for someone who started the project with just 800 Twitter followers. 


So 'Princess Clara' as her Twitter name goes, went on a mission to get those all important tweets - and she smashed her target in just 15 days!


Dad Tony has stuck to his word, and the family home has just been opened to little Olly, an adorable black-and-white puppy said to be "settling in nicely."



"I want to say thanks times a billion to everyone who retweeted and wrote articles and shared my story with anyone!," she told Metro. 


"I am beyond grateful and it is thanks to all of you that I now have my baby, Olly."


Clara is particularly grateful as she recently lost her springer spaniel Fuchsia (13), who had to be put down. 


Aww. That's a well-deserved puppy - and a beautiful one too. Just look at those silky ears!



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