If outraged messages posted on social media are anything to go by, a number of This Morning viewers were left far from impressed by the show's feature on childrens' pole dancing classes today.

Taking to Twitter in their droves, stunned members of the public voiced their opinion on the longrunning programme's decision to allow young girls to showcase their pole dancing skills during a segment entitled: "Is Pole Dancing Too Sexual for Children?'

Speaking with pole dancing instructor, Zoe Hardy, hosts Ruth Langsford and Rylan Clarke discussed the controversial pursuit before the three children, two of whom were aged just eight, took to the pole in hotpants and fitted, midriff-exposing T-shirts.

While the childrens' parents defended the activity, compared it to competitive gymnastics and insisted it was simply a way to keep fit, it's fair to say a great number of Twitter users disagreed - a perspective which was shared by child psychologist Emma Kenny.

Commenting on the girls' pursuit, she said: "I don't doubt for one minute that the girls keep fit from it, and I also don't doubt that the moves we just saw there were more pole dancing than pole fitness."

"I do think we are living in a culture that sexualises children, but embracing something that whether you like it or otherwise is an adult pastime...it involves very sexual moves," argued Emma.

Echoing the psychologist's sentiments, one Twitter user wrote: "Way too young! They even have their shirts tied up showing their flesh! So wrong." while another said: "Pole fitness for kids is fine but why are they dressed in skimpy shorts and crop tops? That's what makes it wrong."

While the show certainly took a lot of flack for the segment, some members of the public didn't waste time hitting back at critics, with one writing: "The pole dance debate is ridiculous. Pole fitness is an excellent way to exercise and people who sexualise it are preverts."

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