Ashlee Mataele went above and beyond for her brother recently, in a truly heartwarming story. 


David and his partner of eight years Brendan, had endured disappointment fter disappointment in their pursuit to become parents. 



They were rejected by adoption agencies at home at abroad, and were left feeling defeated. 



It was at that point that Ashlee, David's sister, volunteered to act as a surrogate for the couple's baby. 



Ashlee was implanted with a donor egg that had been fertilised by Brendan's sperm. 



Baby Rylee was born on June 4, 2016 and was put straight into Brendan’s arms.


 Ashlee claims that the whole experience seemed perfectly natural to her, and she was happy to be an aunt to the baby she carried for nine months. 



“It’s still such a taboo and you often only hear about the tough stories, not the positive ones like ours" Ashlee told the Huffington Post. 


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