Tips on juggling schools collections with your child’s naps
This is a common concern for parents and as a Mum to a 1 year old and a 4 year old, I can relate. Here are my top tips to help.
1. Ask for help
Consider asking a neighbour/parent in your child's class to car pool/join their children walking/cycling to school. Or is it a possibility to ask a neighbour/family member to sit in
your house with the baby monitor while your child sleeps? Sometimes we automatically think this is not an option or we don't want to ask for help, however, other parents are likely to understand and family may only be delighted to help.
2. Amend your baby's nap schedule
This option will differ from child to child and the precise timings of your school drop and collection, however, an example is allowing your baby to nap longer for nap 1, so the start of nap 2 is slightly delayed to not conflict with school collection. Or it may be waking your child earlier from nap 1 to ensure they have time for their second nap/main nap before school collection.
3. Naps on the go
Another option is to allow your little one to nap on the go - car or buggy. This may mean leaving earlier for the drop or collection if a nap is due or a longer drive/walk home. Motion sleep/a slightly shorter nap is better than no nap. Use it as an excuse to get a longer walk in/bring a coffee and enjoy the longer drive. 
Finally, try not to stress if it doesn't work out every day, it's better your little one naps late/on the go than not at all. You are doing your best and that IS good enough. And remember, this is a stage and a season and this won't always be an issue.

Colette McCann

Certified Child Sleep Consultant, Parent Coach, and owner of Phoenix Dreams

Colette who is a busy mum of 2, specialises in working with children from the newborn stage through to 10 years of age. She is one of the only experts in both Child Sleep and Behaviour in Ireland, having built up a strong reputation in Ireland and abroad with new and repeat clients