Vicky Pattison gives health update after being suddenly rushed to hospital

Vicky Pattison has released a brief update on her health, after suddenly being admitted to hospital in recent days.

Yesterday (June 30), the former I’m A Celebrity winner informed her fans that she had been taken to hospital and subsequently diagnosed with glandular fever.

Now, a few days after being admitted to hospital, Vicky has confirmed that she has now returned home with her fiancé Ercan Ramadan.

Earlier today, Ercan took to his Instagram stories to share a selfie of himself with his sick wife-to-be.

“She’s back out in one piece. Time to rest… @vickypattison and I mean it when I say REST!” the 30-year-old teased in his caption, which Vicky then went on to re-share on her own page.

In a later update, the reality star posted a snap of her legs in the bath, as she penned jokingly: “First proper wash since Thursday. Don’t think I can explain how much I needed this without you seeing the colour of the water… mostly fake tan I swear. I am not a Victorian, child chimney sweep.”

Credit: Ercan Ramadan Instagram

Yesterday, Vicky confirmed her admission to hospital by uploading numerous snaps of her stay in A&E, including several images of her looking tearful in bed. 

“I woke up on Thursday with a terrible headache, I ignored it & assumed it was because I'd had super long day the day before- anyway it persisted & became a sore throat, razor blade vibes & I got the fever, aches, pains, joints etc,” Vicky recalled. 


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“Fast forward 24hours & I had started to be sick which was just making everything worse- my throat was so swollen I couldn't swallow, drink water & pain killers were completely out of the question, it was getting to the point where I physically couldn't move,” Vicky continued.

“They think it's glandular fever, a big infection & an abscess in my throat. I didn't allow myself any recovery time after covid & it's just compromised my immune system I suppose- I haven't allowed myself any downtime this year, I have burnt the candle at both ends, worked a punishing schedule & ignored all signs that my body was desperate for a break,” she added, concluding that this is the “wake up call I needed.”