People all over the world celebrated the births of sons and daughters as, or just after the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve, but one couple in West Virginia got a major surprise with their own bundle of joy.


Brittany Henson and William Alderson got the shock of their lives when they welcomed son Liam into the world in the early hours of New Year's Day - primarily because they had no idea they were expecting in the first place.


New mum Brittany headed in to her local Pizza Hut as normal for her work shift on December 31, but before long she began to feel ill and experience severe cramping.


At the suggestion of her family, Brittany decided to pay a visit to the hospital to check that everything was okay with her health - which is when doctors dropped a bit of a bombshell.



"They told me I needed to go to the hospital, so I went to the hospital and they said I was in labour and we had a baby. We had a baby," an overwhelmed Brittany told local media.


Baby Liam was born at 2.55am on New Year's Day, weighing in at 9lb 1oz.


Although completely shocked, the family is delighted with their surprise new arrival.