LUNA BEADS are the world's bestselling exercise aid for strengthening the pelvic floor. Worn during a daily routine they provide effective, comfortable and convenient workout for millions of women worldwide!
Why pelvic floor exercise is important:
Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles is key to maintaining good bladder control and achieving easier pregnancies and faster recovery from labour, as well as having more intense orgasms. As a woman, caring for these muscles is essential for overall health - regardless of your stage of life.
Health Benefits of pelvic floor exercise with Luna Beads:
Preparing for pregnancy
  • Increase support for the growing baby
  • Minimize pelvic floor weakening
  • Reduce pregnancy-related bladder and bowel weakness
  • Reduce pelvic and spinal pain in later stages of pregnancy
Recovering from childbirth
  • Accelerate healing of the pelvic floor
  • Regain vaginal tightness and improve sensations
  • Overcome post-natal incontinence
  • Promote recovery from back and pelvic pain
Luna Beads encourage you to create a personalized and easy-to-follow routine. Mix and match the 4 weighted beads for the workout that suits you, remember, blue beads are heavier than pink! The inner balls move as you move, producing subtle vibrations that prompt the muscles to contract and relax, toning as you go about your daily business. 
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