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What extra curricular classes should my child take?

It’s important for a child’s development to get them involved in extra curricular activities. Not only is it a great way for kids to make new friends but it allows them to learn in a fun way and to discover their skills and talents. You might have to try out a few different classes with your child to see what they enjoy. It’s also important to consider which classes are most convenient for you and which ones suit your budget. Your child doesn’t have to do everything, but even one extra curricular activity a week can benefit their development.
Sport: Soccar, rugby, basketball, Gaelic football, athletics, gymnastics, tae kwan do, swimming etc. are all great ways to keep your child active. So much can be learned from sport including playing fairly, winning and losing, and how to work with other. They are also much more likely to continue sporting activities into adulthood, keeping them fit and healthy. Local team sports are a great way to get involved in the community and make friends. Learning to swim is a particularly useful activity as it will make your family holidays much more enjoyable when your child can use the pool and swim safely in the sea.
Music: Taking up an instrument is something that will stand to your child for the rest of their life. Learning to play the piano, guitar, or an orchestral instrument is a skill they will keep into adulthood. If your child is a talented musician, they can compete in local competitions and do exams to improve their skills. Learning a musical instrument is also a great way to increase a child’s ability to focus and concentrate. Performing in front of others can also help a child develop confidence.
Speech and Drama: Speech and Drama classes are usually lots of fun and children who enjoy being the centre of attention will no doubt love it. Your child will learn how to speak clearly and it also helps build self esteem and confidence. Elocution lessons are another option if your child is a little on the shy side, or if they have a speech impediment. They will train your child to speak correctly and give them the confidence to speak in front of large numbers. This is a skill that will stand to them throughout school, college and into their adult careers.
Cooking Classes: If you’re looking for a fun extra curricular activity for your child then a cooking class could be the perfect option. Most children will love to bake and cook meals, not to mention eat all the goodies they made afterwards. Cooking classes are also perfect for encouraging children to eat healthily and to be more adventurous with their food. So if you have a fussy eater, this could be just what they need.
A language: When your child enters secondary school they will have to take up a second and even third language, so it might not be a bad idea to get them started early. The earlier you child begins to learn a language, the easier they will pick it up. Learning another language can also help them understand the English language a lot better as they will be familiar with verbs, nouns, pronouns etc. All of this will improve their literacy.
Dancing: Dancing, be it hip-hop, ballet, or modern dance, will keep your child fit and active. While dancing can be challenging for many children, it can also be a lot of fun. It will help them develop co-ordination and balance in younger children and as well as developing confidence and discipline.
There are so many other extra curricular activities now available for children. Art, majorettes, martial arts, brownies, singing, creative writing and horse riding are just some examples of the activities your child could enjoy. Be aware that it might take some time for your child to develop a liking for the class so try and encourage them to stick with it for a while. There is something out their for everyone and you might even uncover a talent you never knew your child had!  

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