After you have had a baby your body won’t just automatically go back to the way it was before you became pregnant. In fact, there are a number of things that will happen to your body after you give birth.


Here are five things that happen after you have a baby:


Your bladder won’t be as sensitive

After enduring plenty of changes during pregnancy, your bladder may become less sensitive meaning you may not be able to tell if you need to go to the bathroom or not. To avoid any leaks try to go to the loo every couple of hours.


Your pelvic floor muscles will be loose

If is pretty common to leak after you have had a baby so if you haven’t been doing your pelvic floor exercises now is a good time to start. Incontinence is a normal part of post labour but if it lasts longer than three months it is important you get it checked out.


You will experience postnatal bleeding

You may experience heavy bleeding after you have given birth and your midwife or doctor may suggest you wear a sanitary pad to prevent leaks. Keep an eye out for any clots and make sure you tell a medical profession if you are worried in any way.


Sex can be painful

Sex can be painful for as long as six months after you give birth even if you had a caesarean. Usually caused by general trauma to the vaginal area or stitches, hormones also play a role. Be open and honest with your partner and if you are concerned make sure you talk to your GP or midwife. 


Your labia can swell

Your labia can swell and depending in how long you were pushing for it can swell a lot – sometimes it may even triple in size. An icepack down below can help with keep the swelling down and numb the area.