Rose Herft, 31, and her partner Kobby spent ten long years trying to have a family, but faced disappointment at every turn. 



Rose had her two fallopian tubes removed when she was in her early twenties, as a result of two ectopic pregnancies, and so her chances of conceiving were very low. 


After almost a decade of heart ache, two ectopic pregnancies and two failed attempts at IVF, the couple were ready to give up! 

Rose and Kobby entered a prize draw, to win an expensive round of IVF treatment, and they WON.


They were one of 24 couples who were accepted for the process, and Rose fell pregnant with her daughter soon after undergoing the treatment. 


Rose and Kobby beat all the odds and welcomed baby Mya into the world in 2014. 



Rose told the MailOnline that 'winning the fertility treatment gave me hope again when I was on the verge of giving up!'


What an inspirational story of hope and perseverance! 


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