Candice Curry is a mum-of-five who struggles with a busy working schedule alongside her husband. 


Juggling the home on top of it is a whole world of organisation we can't possibly comprehend. 



But recently when they had an emergency situation, their daughter came to the rescue. 


The couple had no one available to pick up their three-year-old from school, therefore needing their teenage daughter to leave her school early to collect the toddler. 


Candice and her husband had assumed their daughter would take her little brother home once she retrieved her brother. 



Nonetheless, when Mum came across a photo on her teenager's Snapchat, she quickly learned what really took place...


"Instead of missing class she actually took her three-year-old brother back to high school with her and let him sleep on her while she finished her last class of the day," stated the mum-of-five. 


According to Love What Matters, Candice isn't sure on the legalities, but she doesn't mind as her pride for her daughter far outweighs the fine print.



"My sweet teenager helped her family out and returned to her other responsibility while snuggling her baby brother."


"I'm either the worst mum in the world or totally nailing it. [...], life is short. These are the moments that make it so incredibly sweet," added Candice. 


We're melting right now - isn't this the sweetest?