Taking your kids to the dentist is just one of those not-particularly-nice trips that you'll have to make.


And while it is for their own good and you know they are in safe hands, it doesn't stop mums doing or feeling the following ten things! 


1. Cower in shame

Because you know that your little one just ate a bag of crisps and the evidence is still there...



2. Feel like you are back at school

Thankfully, it’s not you on the chair.



3. The guilt as your little one trembles in fear is almost too much

If you could take their place you would – or not.... (see point two)




4. Your own fear will come flooding back

And you’ll spend your time masking it.



5. Lie about the amount of sweets you let your child have

You just can’t deal with the looks.



6. Secretly sigh in relief knowing that it’s not you sitting on the chair




7. Spend the first half reassuring your child

“It’s ok, dear”



8. And the second half trying to get them off the chair

It can get a little comfy there.



9. Nod when the dentist explains what they’ve done

Even though you haven’t a clue what they’re saying



10. Race out the door when it's over

Before they can get near your mouth...