It can be a pretty exciting time for your little one when their tooth falls out. Not only does it mean bigger teeth, but it also means a little visit from the tooth fairy.
Here are five tips to making the tooth fairy visit extra special.
Write a thank you note
Get your little one to write a small note saying thank you to their fairy for leaving a gift and pop it under your little one’s pillow. To make it extra special, encourage your youngster to write it really tiny on a small piece of coloured paper – remember, the fairy is only small.
Leave a gift
Just like kids do at Christmas for Santa, encourage them to leave a little gift for their fairy. Go for the healthy options like a piece of apple or a grape telling your child that they don’t eat sweets because they are trying to take care of their teeth.
Ask a question
Get your little one to write down a question that they would like the fairy to answer. It can be something as simple as asking their name or more complicated like where they live. This is a great opportunity for you to get involved in the magic of the Tooth Fairy by creating a name and a place where they live.
Fairy dust
Help the fairy find their way to your little one’s pillow by setting a trail from the window to their bed. Simply mix some porridge oats with glitter and sprinkle it in their room. When your little one is asleep, mess up the dust at the window to make it seem like the fairy brushed past it.
Have a tooth fairy party
Welcome the tooth fairy to the house by hosting a teeny, tiny party. Get your youngster to set up a little area in their room with some healthy snacks for the fairy. Encourage them to make a small welcome fairy banner and pop it beside the treats. Remember to keep everything small and fairy sized.
The tooth fairy is a little bit of magic that makes a tooth falling out less of a traumatic experience for your child. Whether you want your kids to believe or how far you want to take the magic is up to you.