Cold fingers, frozen toes and generally feeling miserable are all part of the winter season, but that doesn't mean we need to stay indoors until February. After a spell outside, warm up your little one with these fun and easy tips.


A mug of hot chocolate

Just like you might enjoy a cup of tea or coffee after being outside, a warm cup of hot chocolate is perfect for kids. Pour it into their favourite mug and have them wrap their hands around it to get the heat into their frozen fingers.


A glass of warm milk

If you don’t fancy giving your little one chocolate or you don’t have any in the press, a glass of warm milk does the trick as well. This is also great if it is close to bedtime, as it can help them relax and sleep better.


Get them moving

Get their heart pumping by having them move around; star jumps, running on the spot, windmills, or any sort of warm up activity they would do before playing sports works well.


Finger wiggles

If it’s their hands that are particularly cold, have them wiggle their fingers to help get the feeling back into them. Start off gently as they could be quite sore, but slowly get them to move them a little faster until they are back to normal.


Wrap them in a huge blanket

Grab a huge blanket and wrap them up in it. There is nothing like being all snug as a bug to help get the cold out of your system. Complement this with a mug of hot chocolate or milk to really make them feel nice and toasty.


Hug them

Use your body warmth to banish the cold from your little one. There is nothing like a hug from mum to make you instantly feel warmer.  


Toe wiggles

If it’s your little one’s toes that are the problem, get them wiggling. Just like the finger wiggles, start off slowly gradually getting faster until toes are no longer frozen blocks.


Run cold water on hands

Another way to get your child’s hands feeling normal is to run cold water on them. While it might sound a little strange, if you run warm or hot water over them it will sting and hurt.