Ah the tooth fairy/Easter bunny/Santa Claus conundrum. Do you do them? How do you do them? But probably most importantly, how do you break the bad news? 


On the other hand, what do you do if they figure it out for themselves? 


Dad-of-three Fahd Ahmad recently took to Twitter to share the story of his brilliantly sneaky nine-year-old, and how he eventually caught the tooth fairy. 



"Just learned our 9 year-old did an experiment on us," he writes. "Lost tooth, told on one for 3 days, Kept tooth under his pillow. No $. Then he tells us he lost the tooth, next night there is money under his pillow. Then confronts us with his scientific evidence that the tooth fairy isn't real." 


We are loving it. Ahmed continues to say that his son is quite scientifically-minded, and we're not surprised. 



"He's an inquisitive kid, thinking his own thoughts," Ahmad told Mashable. "He's got sort of a scientific mindset naturally." 


Ahmad had an inkling that his son was suspicious about the tooth fairy, and had mentioned that one of his teeth were loose. 


As it was a molar, his parents didn't see it for three days, giving the mini-scientist plenty of time to conduct his research. 


"Normally I would ask about it, but I didn't really push him," Ahmad said. 


But the inquisitive kid isn't stopping there- he's already made his plans clear to track down the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. 



His genius plan came with one flaw though; “I think he lost his future cash flow, which is something he probably didn't anticipate.” 


This kid is going places, and Twitter agrees. 



 We can't wait to see what kind of traps he lays out for the Easter Bunny!