13-year-old, Ruby Karp decided to reveal what teenagers are really getting up to on the popular photo sharing app, Snapchat.
Ruby shared her thoughts on the app in an account she had written for the media site, Mashable. Ruby who is from New York, explained that the app could be used in numerous ways from messaging to sharing quick photos with friends.
She said she mostly used the app to share selfies with her friends.
However Ruby stated that teenagers like to use SnapChat as it is“relatively private”, which makes it difficult for parents to access.
The 13-year-old revealed that there is of course a downside to the photo sharing app, that enables some teenagers to see unsuitable content.
“But it can also be used for other types of photos: the stuff of nightmares for parents. With Snapchat, your nude cannot (typically) be traced back to you, due to the fact that the photo literally lasts 10 seconds, or less. This is pretty appealing to teens and adults looking for a ‘good time.’”
Ruby even shared a screenshot of one incident where she was asked to send a nude selfie. While the 13-year-old said she wasn’t comfortable with sharing intimate shots on the site she was aware of some friends who did.
“There have been incidents with nudes being screenshotted among my friends. And remember Snap Save an app where you can screenshot the picture sent to you, without the person knowing.”
Ruby said that while the photo sharing app can be used a great way of free communication between friends, it can also be used as a tool for bullying.
“I try not to say anything risky in text messages, and I think bullies have the same method: They’re saving it for Snapchat. I have received hurtful Snapchats, but I have no proof that they ever said anything to me, because the picture went away in 10 seconds.”
While Ruby acknowledged the downsides of using the app and that there are certain things parents should be aware of - she also insisted that parents shouldn't worry too much about Snapchat.
“I think it is up to you how you use the app. And to every overprotective parent out there: As crazy as it may sound, don’t fret too much over the app. I’m sure your kid is just sending some ugly selfie of themselves! But if your kid takes off clothing, goes into the bathroom, shuts the door and you do not hear the shower water coming on: Be very afraid.”