St. Patrick's Day is not just for Irish people, it is a holiday that has been embraced the whole world over. 


If you want to celebrate the special day, why not do the following six things - the kids are sure to love them! 


1. Treat them to a shamrock shake

With just a few ingredients, it can be easily whipped up at home! Mmm...



2. Have a mini parade at home

Get all the kids in the neighborhood involved and ask them to dress up as their favourite character - then line them up and bring them on a walk around the area! 



3. Bake some Irish cookies

Easy, tasty and a great way to keep the kids happy; you can always pop the parade on the telly as well, this way they won’t feel like they are missing it.



4. Serve them green mashed potatoes

If you don’t fancy the fallout from the sugar crash that WILL happen if they eat an entire shamrock shake, then add a little drop of green food colouring to their mashed potatoes! A great way to get them to eat their veggies...



5. Speak Irish for the day

Whether you have a cuplá focal or are from the Gaeltacht, celebrate St. Patrick by speaking to the kids in Irish for the day (or as long as you can keep it up). Pick up an Irish book from the library to pick up a few words.



6. Do some arts and crafts

You can make funny green glasses out of an old cereal box or green streamer flags from strips of tissue paper - as long as it has a green Irish trend then the world is your oyster.  



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