Eight-year-old Cadence is a blogger from Australia who has autism. 


Little Cadence recently penned a heartfelt letter to fairies, asking why she has not yet met an autistic fairy!



"I want to know please, is there an autism fairy? What is her job in fairyland? Can she visit me? I am Autism too. I will be very gentle and I promise I am a kind girl and won’t put her in a jar" she wrote. 



In a glorious twist, the 'Queen of the fairies' replied to Cadence, and explained why there is no autistic fairy!



"Dear Cadence, in fairyland, where your world ends and our magical one begins, physical and brain differences are not much thought about; they are just a part of each fairy’s unique way of being and doing,  So, no, there is no special Autism fairy." 



"Kindness, compassion, understanding, friendship, teamwork, courage and hope – those things that cannot be touched or seen, but which we can choose to learn, believe in and give to others …they are very special indeed!"



"That is the real magic of Fairyland … and it is your magic too."



Cadence shared this wonderful story on her blog, I Am Cadence,which builds on the concept that every child is innately unique and every child has their own ‘I am Me’ story. 


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