Ellis Downes was 16 when he drowned in the River Thames in Culham on Saturday, and today the police force has issued an apology for their response and treatment when called to the scene.


According to reports, Ellis' family have claimed police failed to send their own divers due to a lack of resources, and the teen's body was discovered on Monday by volunteer divers.


Talking to ITV Meridian, the family said the police response was “an absolute shambles from start to finish”.



The teen had been swimming with friends when the incident occurred, and his father, Darren, said the family expected more from the police.


"He was my right-hand man and it feels like my arm has been cut off," Darren told ITV Meridian.


"We did everything together; we were inseparable - we were best buddies as well as father and son."


Thames Valley Police Assistant Chief Constable Nikki Ross has expressed her profound apologies in a video posted on Facebook, explaining that their support, communication and compassion shown towards the family “fell below the standards”.



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