When you hear that someone is autistic, it can be tough to see anything but their condition from that point on.


But this little autistic girl has done a tremendous job of getting us all to do just that.  


“Why do people call autism a label?,” she wrote, above her drawing. “I don’t think that’s right. My label is Cadence. One of my ingredients is autism.”


To make her point as clear as possible, Cadence from Australia drew us an accompanying visual aid.


On one side, she draws a tin of tomatoes, and beside it, she lists the ingredients: Tomatoes 60 per cent, Basil 0.1 per cent, Oregano 0.1 per cent, Acid regulator 3.3 per cent.”


Next to that, there’s a drawing of her own face. Under it, she lists her own ingredients: “Autism, Organs, Bones, Blood, Clever cells, Caring cells.”


Just in case we don’t get her message, she spells it out: “I have more ingredients than tomatoes.”


You sure do, Cadence. Brains to burn, we say! Check out her clever message below. 



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