Back to School routine made simple with ATTITUDE little leaves.

Parents all over the country have survived the school holidays and are now starting to get excited at the thought of back to school and normal work routines. However, we are all aware of the nerves and stress that come with this time so we’re all about finding tips and tricks that make the transition as smooth as possible for the whole family.

As you get ready to gear up for a new school year, start putting in place things that can get your little ones back in action this September. The ATTITUDE little leaves range is the perfect collection of products that are not only made with the highest quality ingredients but also makes bath time a fun and enjoyable experience.

ATTITUDE little leaves products are made with all-natural, plant and mineral based ingredients. All products contain Blueberry Leaf Extract which is well known for calming, soothing and protecting the skin. Attitude guarantees that all products are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and free of artificial fragrances - making them perfect for your child’s delicate skin and hair.

The range consists of:

ATTITUDE little leaves 2-in-1 Natural Shampoo and Body Wash (RRP: €8.99)

This 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash gently cleanses your little one's delicate skin and hair. Made with all-natural, plant and mineral based ingredients, it contains blueberry leaf and moringa seed extract, known for their remarkable calming, protective and antioxidant properties. Available in Watermelon & Coconut, and Vanilla & Pear scents.

ATTITUDE little leaves Kids Detangler (RRP: €9.99)

Helps make brushing more enjoyable for you and your child. The fine combination of blueberry leaves and beetroot extract, are known for their antioxidant conditioning virtues, will help protect and keeps your little one’s hair smooth and easy to style, naturally!

ATTITUDE little leaves Foaming Hand Soap (RRP: €7.99)

This perfect for kids who love lathering up their little hands with foamy bubbles. Your little one’s delicate hands will be protected, naturally clean and soft to the touch, day after day! Available in Watermelon & Coconut, and Vanilla & Pear scents.


1. Create a family calendar

Chances are with school starting up your family calendar is about to get more complicated. Between school activities, homework, autumn sports, and just everyday life there is too much to keep track of all in your head. What you need is a family calendar and now is the perfect time to create one. Whether you post a magnetic calendar on your fridge, use an old-fashioned paper calendar on the wall or create a shared digital calendar for the family it needs to be accessible to everyone.

2. Set up a homework station

Not long after school starts homework follows. Get ready now by setting up a homework station. If your little one has a desk, make sure it’s stocked with all the supplies they need and is in the best place that’s ideal for focus. If your kids will be using the dining room table or another area of the house it might be useful to create a caddy with their school supplies that can be pulled out and placed back on the table at homework time.

3. Clean out wardrobes and dressers

Shopping for back-to-school clothes is a tradition in many families. There are great deals on kids’ clothes as the weather is about to change. Chances are your little one need a few new things to replace what they’ve outgrown or worn out since last autumn. It’s a good idea to get organized at home by cleaning out the wardrobes, making room for the new school uniforms and new autumn clothes.

4. Establish a good morning and evening routine

We all know the stress that comes with the school morning, especially when the little ones have been out of routine for the whole summer. If you want to start your school days off with a minimum of stress, plan out the morning and evening routines ahead of time. A good place to start is making sure their bath times and bedtimes the night before goes smoothly. The Little Leaves range of products are perfect for the little ones and make bath time much easier and so much more fun.

5. Plan for school lunches

Now is the time to get organized for school lunches. What will your kids be eating? Do you want to set up stations where they can pack their own lunches? Or will mum or dad be doing it the night before or in the morning?

Decide how things will work so you can get organized and have everything go smoothly starting from the first day. Getting it done now means you can cross one more thing off your to-do list.

ATTITUDE little leaves is available in leading pharmacies & health food stores nationwide including McCabes, Chemist Warehouse, All Care, Mulligans, Evergreen Health Food Store and many more.