Seven-year-old Gianessa Wride really wanted to participate in “crazy hair day” at school. The fact that she has alopecia which caused her to lose all of her hair was not going to stop her.


With the help of mum Daniella, she turned her scalp into a beautiful work of art with an assortment of jewel stickers in intricate patterns. Gianessa picked the design she wanted and Daniella arranged the stickers on her scalp.


Gianessa was nervous about the look at first but once she saw herself in the mirror, she was thrilled. The result was beautiful and Gianessa’s classmates were all envious of her amazing look.


Gianessa was diagnosed with alopecia earlier this year after her mum noticed she was losing her hair.


There is no cure for the autoimmune illness and the only treatment options involve steroid injections or taking steroid pills which only work short-term. As this type of treatment didn’t “sit well” with her parents, the family instead decided to embrace Gianessa’s new look.



Daniella explained that the illness hasn’t changed Gianessa or affected her personality. The proud mum said:  “She is still her beautiful, sassy, smart, kind, loving self.


 “And I’m excited to embrace this and have fun trying new things with her.


“This girl is fierce and brave, way more so than I could have ever imagined. I love her more than anything.”


Daniella said she’s tried to give her daughter a positive outlook on the situation.

“You have to teach your kids life isn’t fair, you have to be able to adapt and change and make it your own”, she told KUTV.


“Whatever you’re going through, even if it’s tough, if you have alopecia, still be confident, be yourself and bald is beautiful.”


Her mum’s sense of positivity has helped Gianessa cope with the hair loss which would be devastating for any adult to endure, never mind a seven-year-old girl.



As well as the pretty jewel look, the mum and daughter have tried out several other styles on Gianessa, including a Grecian-style headpiece and a wig. She’s also happy to pose for photos without any head adornments.


When Daniella came to pick up her daughter, a thrilled Gianessa told her she’d been picked as the winner of “crazy hair day.”


Gianessa was inundated with compliments from her friends all day.“She said all the kids kept swarming me! They all LOVED it!'" Daniella told Popsugar.


We admire Gianessa’s courage and confidence and think she looks amazing.