Birdie is a very little girl with very big dreams, and her midnight adventures are exactly what we as parents hope for our children.


As Julie Farrell and Becky Kemp show in Dreamer, dreams aren’t just recollections of what happened the day before; dreams are a place for children to find limitless opportunities, to seek out adventures and to fly amongst the stars.


As she swirls through life’s silent storms, uncovers a belief in herself and dreams of faraway fairytales, Birdie takes the reader on an adventure of a lifetime.


Dreamer is a magical, monochrome adventure accompanied with exquisite watercolour illustrations created by the talented Becky Kemp of Sketch Inc.



A stunning bedtime story, Birdie will send your little reader off to sleep with gorgeous thoughts of all the adventures that await them dancing around their head.


This beautiful book is a delight for the eyes and will warm your heart no end - the perfect addition to your child’s bookshelf.


“Dream of chasing adventures, a future beyond compare. Believe in your own sweet bravery, and you can fly anywhere.”