British drivers urged to clean up their act for school run.

As children return to school The Electric Car Scheme is urging parents to help clean up the school run.

Research shows children are some of the worst-hit by the exhaust fumes of idling and mobile cars, as they are closer to the ground.

Air pollution is the number one environmental health risk in the UK, increasing rates of asthma and other health problems. Emerging evidence suggests it can also harm the developing brains of children, hindering their academic progress. Luckily the UK is seeing some improvement in this space, but it could still go further and faster.

Unfortunately, buying a clean emissions-free electric car is still too expensive for many families. But a little-known government subsidy could see them lease one through their employer for as little as £250 a month, with savings of 30-60% compared to a personal lease.

This works through a “salary sacrifice” scheme, like the popular cycle-to-work programme, at zero cost to the employer. Employees of a business who signs up can spend a portion of their pre-tax income on the lease of an electric car, netting them savings of between 30 and 60 per cent, while The Electric Car Scheme handles all the fiddly bits for the business itself.

Co-Founder and CEO of The Electric Car Scheme, Thom Groot says:

“We know that parents want to do the right thing for their children, the environment, and the quest to Net Zero. Research suggests harmful air pollution does not just hurt the environment, but also our children. Too much of this pollution is coming from fossil-fuel powered cars, which we would like to help change.”

“For many parents picking up or dropping off their child at school in a car is the only realistic option, particularly if they are juggling after-school activities, other childcare, or work commitments.”

“At The Electric Car Scheme, we are dedicated to making it a ‘no brainer’ decision for everyone to switch to driving clean emissions-free electric cars, at an affordable cost. We hope that parents and local businesses – particularly those around schools – consider looking into whether they might be able to switch to an electric car through salary sacrifice.”