Concerns raised over popular ‘Facebook Motherhood Challenge’


It seems that not a week goes by when there isn’t some new social media ‘challenge’ being presented to us. While some of these campaigns are silly, and others downright dangerous, the Facebook Motherhood Challenge appeared harmless and pleasant enough to begin with.


As part of the challenge, which has taken Facebook by storm this month, mums upload a collection of photos representing their parenting journey and why they are happy to be parents. They then tag their other ‘mum’ friends and ask them to continue on the thread.


Being a mum is a wonderful thing, and absolutely something to be proud about, but the viral status of the Facebook Motherhood Challenge has split opinion.



Many people have expressed concern over the potentially negative impact the challenge could be having on others, including women struggling to conceive as well as those who have lost children or cannot have them.


The challenge has, accordingly, become a hot topic in the media, and social media platforms in particular show just how divisive the trend is right now.


“Facebook Motherhood Challenge…Nice little reminder for childless women – you’re never gonna be one. Nice one,” tweeted one woman.





Meanwhile, another user chimed in, writing: “So, the new thing on Facebook is the Motherhood Challenge. What about all those [who] can’t have children or don’t have them? Bit insensitive!”


What are your thoughts? Have you taken part in the challenge?

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