Ayla Cresswell is now able to have a baby with her deceased boyfriend, thanks to a recent court ruling. 


The 25-year-old from Queensland, Austrailia, successfully convinced the court that she should be able to have a baby with her dead boyfriend's sperm. Joshua Davies died suddenly three years ago. 


"This is a landmark decision. Never before in Queensland has the sperm of a dead person allowed to be extracted and then used for the purposes of procreation," a legal representative told local media



The young couple had been planning on marrying and having children before Joshua's death. They had been together three years. 


Alya had gotten a GP check up earlier in the year where it was confirmed that her body was in perfect condition for a baby. She also showed the court a card where Joshua had written that he wanted to spend the rest fo his life with her. 


One of Joshua’s friends also revealed text message showing he wanted to become a father.


After Joshua's death, his family gave permission to have his sperm removed. In September, Alya applied to court to use the sperm for IVF as she could not give consent to the sperm being taken.



Fortunately the court ruled in her favour, and has the "support of her family and Joshua's family". Psychologists also ruled her suitable enough to become a single parent. 


A unique outcome for a very unique case. 


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