Eight-year-old Cerys Lily was in Argos in South Wales with her dad recently. 


As her dad had a look around, Cerys picked out a Finding Dory lunchbox that she found on-display near the tills.


But when dad Robert Davies went to buy it for her, he was told that it wasn’t on sale yet.


That’s when all hell broke loose.


“Cerys lily started to get upset so I asked to see a manager and she wouldn’t budge either. By now Cerys lily was in full meltdown getting very aggressive so I had to physically carry her out and get in the car,” he wrote on a Facebook post.


Explaining that she “doesn’t see life as we see it,” Robert was desperate to calm her down and eventually succeeded.


But the drama continued back at their house.




About 20 minutes later, there was a knock on their door. Robert opened it and was stunned to see two policemen standing there. It seems someone had seen him bundling the distressed little girl into the car, and had assumed the worst.


Fortunately, all it took was a brief explanation from Robert to put the policemen’s minds at rest. One of the officers has a nephew with Asperger’s so he completely understood.


As they were leaving, they “had a laugh with Cerys lily and put their flashing lights and siren on for her.”


But their sweetness didn’t end there.


The next day, there was another knock at the door. The two policemen were back and were holding a lunchbox – they’d gone to Argos that morning to purchase it for Robert’s little one.


“I was a bit overwhelmed when they came so didn’t get to thank them properly,” he wrote. “There really is some good people out there.”


What a beautiful gesture, and one we’re sure Cerys Lily appreciated big time.



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