Emmerdales Lisa Riley reveals devastating news as shes told IVF unlikely to work

The road to motherhood is a bumpy one for many women. There are so many facing fertility issues, battling silently and doing whatever they can to start a family. Many have turned to IVF, including Emmerdale star Lisa Riley.

The 43-year-old has expressed her hopes of starting a family with her fiance Al, but it hasn’t been an easy process for the actress.

Lisa said her doctor recently revealed to her that it is unlikely that IVF will work for her.


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In an interview with The Mirror, Lisa said she won’t let it get to her, “It is just not meant to be. But since being back at Emmerdale I have heard so many positive stories about people who tried IVF and it didn’t work, but then fell pregnant naturally."

She added: "I wouldn’t go down the IVF route now but I will let nature take its course and, if I did fall pregnant, I would be thrilled.

“But I am not going to dwell on it. No one is going to give me bad news again,” she stressed.

The former Strictly contestant said that she is lucky to have a strong bond with her brother’s children.


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“It is amazing for me to be so close to Jake, Josh and Everlyn.

She shared, “They are my world. There hasn’t been a girl in the family since I was born and to see my brother with his daughter is amazing. I am so lucky they let me be so involved. I am the pushy aunt.”

Lisa’s positive attitude is inspiring.