Fantastic books being released this spring that your little bookworm will love reading

As spring brings new blooms, it also harvests the opportunity to inspire young readers to pick up more books. 

With a range of new titles from picture books to fantasy adventures, there’s a whole host of new books hitting the shelves over the coming weeks for children of all ages and interests. 

If you want to encourage your little one to become a bookworm or already have a literary fanatic at home, you’re sure to find some inspiration in our list of recommendations below. 

Check out these upcoming reads that we think would be perfect for your child to enjoy this spring. 

The Golden Hare by Paddy Donnelly

Published by The O’Brien Press on March 4

Meara and Grandad set out on a journey to find the Golden Hare, a mythical, shape-shifting creature that can jump to the moon in two-and-a-half leaps! Along the way, they discover all sorts of treasures in the trees, under the ground and in the waves. And who knows where that clever Golden Hare might be hiding...

Dexter Lost His Boo-Woo by Shane Hegarty

Published by Hodder Children’s Books on March 14

HELP! Dexter's lost his Boo-Woo. It's a scary sounding beast! It has fiery eyes and floppy ears, and twenty pointy teeth! Soon the whole town is on the hunt for the Boo-Woo... Are YOU brave enough to join the search? Join police officers, firefighters and more in this gloriously illustrated, action-packed adventure with an unexpected twist about losing - and finding! - your favourite toy.

The Little Lamb Who Led by Katie O’Donoghue

Published by Gill Books on March 28

Little Lamb has been separated from her mum, but she knows he’ll find her at the top of the mountain. The journey there scares her, but she is cheered on by friendly animals along the way and becomes more confident as she climbs. She even ends up helping others by taking the lead. A mountain hare, a cow, a red grouse, a goat and a white-tailed sea eagle all share their stories about learning confidence and independence as they encourage Little Lamb on his journey.

Into the Witchwood by Méabh McDonnell

Published by The O’Brien Press by March 25  

Never, ever, set foot inside the Witchwood. ‘I had to see what those whispers meant. I had to go into the wood. Tonight’. In the heart of the Witchwood, at the bottom of an ancient well, sits the Witch, controlling all the dark magic of the wood. Rowan’s mum vanished there six months ago, and hasn’t been seen since. Rowan’s family hasn’t been the same since Mum disappeared. She fights with her dad and her little sister Lila all the time, and Nana won’t even talk to her any more. But Rowan believes she can rescue her mum. After all, she’s a witch too…

The Lighthouse at the World’s End by Amy Sparkes 

Published by Walker Books on April 4

Nine and her friends are headed to the mortal realm in search of the only thing that will shake a very tricky witch off their tail: a priceless stargold locket. It lies hidden in the Nest of a Thousand Treasures, guarded by Nine’s old foe – the formidable gangmaster of all the thieflings in London. Even if Nine can get her hands on the locket, the friends must find a way to release its power – and for that they must travel through the World Between Worlds to the lighthouse on the Isle of Illusion, where nothing is quite as it seems…

Agents of S.U.I.T: From Badger to Worse By John Patrick Green

Published by Macmillan Children’s Books on April 4

Bongo and Marsha, the super-spy Badgers, are on the case… and way over-budget! When S.U.I.T. (Special Undercover Investigation Teams) realises just how much money the Badgers waste with their gadgets, spy vehicles and custom toys, they're sent to Bora Bora to investigate a case the old-fashioned way. The bees - that's 'bee-ee-ee' like the insect - who run the resort are hiding something under the tropical sands, and Marsha and Bongo are just the bumbling agents to crack this pineapple-flavoured case wide open. It's time for the B-Team to show why they're so un-B lievably B-loved! 

A Cork Fairytale by Amy Louise O'Callaghan

Published by The O’Brien Press on May 6

The Three Bears can’t agree on the perfect presents for a special friend. Can Goldilocks help them find gifts that are just right? Join them on a fun-filled trip around Cork’s best-loved places, including the Shakey Bridge, Cobh, Blarney, Blackrock and more!

A Blooming Great Day by Una Woods

Published by The O’Brien Press on May 6

We go down the steps and ... What’s happening here? Why is everyone wearing this old-fashioned gear? Eccles Street looks like it did years ago. A lady in a big poofy dress says hello. It seems like just another ordinary day for Rosie and her grandad. But as soon as they step outside, they find themselves on a blooming great adventure around Dublin on the 16th of June, 1904.

The Weather Girls by Sarah Webb

Published by The O’Brien Press on May 6

It’s 1944. Twelve-year-old Grace Devine lives at Blacksod Lighthouse and weather station in County Mayo with her parents and little brother. When a German plane crashes nearby, she and her best friend Sibby risk their lives to save the young pilot. Grace’s family take him in, but their neighbours are horrified at having an ‘enemy’ in their midst. Meanwhile, the Met Office in England suddenly asks Blacksod to send them weather reports every hour. But why? As the wind and rain howl outside, Grace begins to understand that something important is happening, something to do with the war – and she is right in the eye of the storm.

Evil Duck and the Feather of Fortune by Chris Judge

Published by Gill Books on May 30

Twins Flo and Eddie are staying with their grandad while their mum travels for work. Nosing around in Grandad’s attic, they find a villainous-looking duck frozen inside a special, temperature-controlled chamber. Eddie accidentally presses the DEFROST button – and releases super-villain Evil Duck! It turns out that Grandad, AKA Fearless Frank, is a retired superhero duck who captured his nemesis Evil Duck many moons ago, saving society from his sinister schemes. But now Evil Duck has escaped, and Grandad is too old to recapture him alone, Eddie and Flo are going to have to help him track the super-villain down – before he gets back to his evil ways!