Feeling peckish? 13 healthy-ish snacks on-the-go for a quick energy boost

Sometimes, when hunger strikes and you are not at home, you end buying a sugary treat that is not only expensive but also most certainly bad for you.

To prevent these annoying situations, the best is to always be prepared and have a snack in hand to give you a quick energy fix and make you wait until lunch or dinner. 

These recipes are pretty healthy and can be made in advance so keep them in your bag or at your desk for a tasty guilt-free treat!

1. Coconut energy bites


2. Berry and oat muffins


3. Fruity energy boost bites


4. Oaty energy cookies


5. Hazelnut and goji bars


6. Dark chocolate chunk oat cookie bars


7. Booster bars


8. Hi-fibre fruit muffins


9. Healthy granola bars


10. Banana snack cake


11. No-bake child-friendly energy balls


12. Blueberry quinoa muffins


13. Date and oat slice