Ari Schultz was diagnosed during his 18-week ultrasound with critical aortic stenosis, as well as an evolving hypoplastic left heart syndrome.


Intervention was the only way forward or else Ari would only have a two-chamber heart, so naturally his parents done what anyone would and embarked on an unexpected journey.


Little Ari became the first person ever to undergo two successful heart surgeries before he was even born; but his journey didn’t stop there...



Five years elapsed with little Ari living an eventful life, becoming a major sports fan, lover of Harry Potter and spending his days playing with his brother and sister, Lexi and Eli.


However, upon his fifth year, Ari suffered from congestive heart failure, rapidly needing a heart transplant, and following a 211 day wait, Ari finally got the news that he would receive a new heart.



Fast forward a few days... 189 to be exact; and Ari is finally going home!


Following his transplant and a cardiac arrest, Ari has been spending his days at a hospital in Boston, but his parents have a big surprise in store for him. 


The five-year-old’s parents document their little man’s journey on Echo of Hope, uploading videos to his many followers on his progress.



But this week they have released footage telling Ari that he can at long last go home, and we are bawling.


The sports mad youngster tells us he can’t wait to play baseball, shoot some hoops and practice his golf swing before telling his dad: “Let’s get back to it.”


What he was getting back to was his winning ‘homerun’ during his mini baseball game.



We're so in love with Ari and his happy-go-lucky humour. 


How inspiring is this little guy? What a superhero.