Layla Astley developed a very serious case of sepsis when she was just 13-weeks-old as a result of an infection. 


Being so serious, Layla's parents had to prepare themselves for the worst possible outcome. 



Thankfully, the little fighter pulled through, and survived the ordeal, but was left with severe speech impediments. 


Despite many difficulties, Layla's mum, Hayley, has taught the tot how communicate using her hands.



With the help of many hand signs and symbols, Layla's speech has come on, and she is now able to say "I love you."



The proud mum told the MailOnline that 'Layla is our little miracle, to be told we were going to lose our girl and at best, if she survived could have severe delays, was heart breaking."



Layla is now a beautiful four-year-old child, full of life and joy. 


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