As your child grows up, they will become more aware of their sense of style, appearance and start comparing how they look with their peers. They might also become concerned with certain aspects of their features that they don’t consider to be ‘normal’.
It is important you teach them to have a positive body image, so that no matter their size or what life may throw at them they will be secure and confident enough to feel happy in their own skin.
Don’t focus on appearance
Avoid talking about a person’s appearance even if it is complimentary. Instead, think of things the body can do rather than how it looks. Focus in on how well they o in school, how great they work as a team and how they are around other people. Never create an opinion of someone based on their appearance or clothing. If it is something you focus in on, then your child will follow suit. 
Praise them
Praise them for their qualities, not their appearance. Congratulate them for doing well in an exam, for pushing themselves in a race or for being kind to someone else. It is determination, perseverance, kindness and generosity that should be complimented on not how they look.
Keep them fit and healthy
If your little one is active and healthy they will have a better self body image. It doesn’t matter how they keep fit, be it team sports, individual sports, dancing or cycling, so long as they enjoy it. Don’t talk about how sports keep you thin – you need to approach it from the healthy side. Children come in all shapes and size and while some are larger than others, it doesn’t mean they are less fit. It’s this type of idea you need to drive through to your child - the importance of being healthy.
Talk about body changes
As your son or daughter grows up, their body will change which can be a frightening time for them. As each child will develop at different stages, it is important you keep the lines of communication open so that if they do have any concerns they will come to you rather than hide them. Talk about these changes and never make them seem insignificant or tell them they’ll grow out of it. Your child is concerned now, so you need to help them now not by saying hey will be fine in a few years. By understanding what exactly is going on with their body and why, they will have a better positive body image and not become focused on something because they simply don’t know what is happening.