When we saw Hanna De Castro’s throwback photo of her “half-up-half-down” hairstyle, we couldn’t help but laugh.


17-year-old Hanna from Texas found a funny childhood photo of herself and couldn’t resist sharing it online, not knowing it would lead to viral fame.


The teen shared the hilarious photo of herself with a pigtail on one side and all the rest of her hair down to Twitter, explaining that her mum had been asked to create a “half-up-half-down” style by her dancing school.


Hanna noticed she was the only one with this particular hairstyle in the photo and wrote: “My mom didn’t know what it meant so she did this.”


While her tweet was going viral with over 60,000 retweets and 200,000 likes, others joined in to share their photos of similarly embarrassing hairdos created by their mums.



However, the best was yet to come. Hanna then received a tweet from a boy named David Gonzales which read: “Omg I think I went to preschool with you.”


An excited Hanna replied: “David from CKP?!” to which he confirmed he was indeed the same David she knew as a child.


Then Hanna’s sister Jennifer joined the conversation and her tweet suggested that David meant something to Hanna back in their preschool days.


A Twitter user named Damon decided to cut to the chase and asked: “Ya’ll getting married now or what?"



Hanna was ready to get on board with that idea: “How’d you know he was my preschool crush?” she replied.


Needless to say, the rest of Twitter quickly piled in urging the pair to rekindle their preschool friendship and marriage was mentioned more than once!


According to Hanna, the pair are planning to meet up and catch up on the last 14 years or so, how cute is that?


So, if Hanna and David do find love, they will have the power of the internet and one very dodgy hairstyle to thank for bringing them together!


It certainly would make for a good wedding story…