It’s at times like this you really begin to appreciate the modern age of Google; could you imagine how hard it must have been to be a mum without it?


Our kids would have way too many embarrassing stories and photos to be recounted on their 21st birthdays, that’s for sure!


So when we came across this snap on Twitter we automatically praised the internet for having all the silly answers to our amazingly wondrous questions.



Hannah de Castro posted a photo of her at a dancing school when she was a young girl, explaining that her mum was told to send her in with her hair half-up and half-down for their photos.


That was all well and good at the time, but what happens when you're not entirely sure of the concept and you don't have Google to ask what the style is exactly?


As we know today when you’re told half-up half-down, it means tie a piece of your hair half-up at the back and leave the rest flowing downward... and we can easily take inspiration from the amount of style images shared online. 



But that didn't happen back in the day... although, technically, her mum did sort of put Hannah's hair half-up half-down...


It’s just we’re not sure they meant Hannah’s hair should have one side with a pigtail and the other side completely down around her face!



And as usual, fellow users had a lot of hilarity to add to the situation...



This is absolute comedy gold... and we thought the times we cut our fringes were embarrassing!