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How can I encourage my teenager to study?

Unless you are one of those lucky few parents, no teenager ever seems to have the time to do homework between those all important phone calls, logging on at the very least a hundred times an hour to check Facebook and the countless TV programmes they need to catch up on. There always seem to be an endless amount of excuses for your child to avoid doing her study, but there are ways that you can ensure that they get their homework done too and try not to get upset when they start rolling their eyes at you.
The best thing that you as a parent can do is to set up a schedule for home. Agree on a set time each day that they have to start homework and never allow them to leave homework until it gets too late.
Help your child to manage their time, work backwards from the due date of an assignment so he can see how much time he needs to write an essay or do a report.
Make sure that your teenager has a quiet, well-lit study area and that everyone in the family respects her privacy. Try and keep the study space free of distractions, keep the TV switched off.
Make sure that the materials your child needs are available before they start studying, such as pens, paper, calculator and all the relevant books.
Be positive about homework, reinforce the idea that school is important as the attitude that your child has towards school is influenced largely by you.
When your child asks for help, try to offer guidance rather than simply providing them with the answers. Giving someone the answer means they have not learned the material or the method.
It’s important that you cooperate with the teacher; it will reinforce the idea that you are a continuation of the school.
Have your child do the hard homework first, that way they will be most alert when facing the biggest challenges. Easy homework can still be tackled when your child is tired.
Watch your child for signs of failure and frustration; let your child take a short break if she is having trouble concentrating. Get her to go for a short walk or have a healthy snack.
Reward efforts and progress in homework. If your child has been successful in finishing their homework and is working hard, then why not celebrate their success with a walk, a special dinner or a treat?

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