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How can you make the transition back to work easier?

Now that you have gone through the difficult decision making process, and have decide to return to work, how can you make the transition from new mum to working mum less stressful?  First, practice what your morning routine. During the week or two before you return to work, run through what your mornings will be like getting ready for work. Who will get up with the baby? Who showers first? What things need to be done before you leave the house? Who will take the baby to the nursery? This is the time to see what works and what doesn't. Fine tune the routine so there will be less stress when you do return to work.

Take some time for yourself and treat yourself to some pre-work pampering. If you have let yourself go a little bit (living in sweats and barely brushed your hair during maternity leave), you'll want to indulge some pampering before making your début as a working mum. On your first day back, you'll sure to be surrounded by co-workers with welcomes and questions. You'll feel more confident if you look and feel great. A new hair style, a fresh manicure and pedicure and a new outfit for your first day back will make it seem like a party.

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