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How do I know my baby is ready for weaning?

There are a few good signs that a baby is ready for weaning, many of which are displayed at an average age of six months old. Such signs include:
  • Your baby can sit up on their own and can also hold their head up. This shows that your baby’s strength is increasing, which requires more energy than milk alone can provide.
  • Your baby starts reaching out and grabbing for other food and shows a genuine interest in what you are eating.
  • Your baby starts putting things in his mouth; sucking his fists, chewing toys, etc.
  • The loss of the tongue-thrust reflex (babies are born with the instinct to use their tongues to push objects away from their mouth)
  • Your baby starts demanding feeds more often or still seems hungry after his usual milk feed.
  • Your baby no longer sleeps through the night whereas he was before and has now begun to wake for an extra feed.
You should also be aware that the signs listed here may not be definite indications that your baby is ready for solids – try to wait until you witness a combination of all of these. If you are uncertain make sure to consult your healthcare advisor.

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Fibre is important in your baby's diet but should only be present in small amounts as it can prevent the absorbtion of important minerals.
Fat is a vital source of energy for your growing baby.
Gluten is contained in foods such as wheat, rye, barley, and oats which are alll good sources of iron and fibre.
Honey should never be given to a baby under 12 months due to the risk of botulism poisoning.
There are lots of wonderful first foods for your baby to try including puréed vegetables, fruit, and baby cereals. 
There are lots of great ways to easily prepare and cook food for your baby.
A good breakfast is vital to ensure your baby is getting the best start to the day. 
In the beginning you should only feed your baby a spoon or two of solid food a day. This will gradually build up over a period of a weeks until they are enjoying three meals a day.
It is essential that you provide your baby with a well balanced and nutritious diet. There is a wonderful variety of foods to choose from.
If you're having problems weaning your baby it may be that they just aren't ready. Take a week or two to resume milk feedings and try again.