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How much fat should be given to baby?

Fat is an important source of energy for your growing child. From the time your baby starts solids until at least her second birthday, you should only give her full fat or whole milk versions of foods such as cheese, yoghurt, and fromage frais. Until at least the age of two you should provide them with full-fat milk. Remember, cow's milk should not be given to your baby until after 12 months of age. Fat is required as during this time your baby is growing at a rapid rate and therefore needs lots of calories. They get these calories from fat. Fats are also essential for the development of your baby's brain. Babies have tiny stomachs so the little amounts of food they can take in need to be rich in nutrients and calories. The nutritional needs of your baby are quite different to those of an adult making low fat diets recommended for adults completely unsuitable until at least two years of age.  After this milestone you can gradually begin to introduce lower fat versions of dairy products. By the time your child is five years old fat should only incorporate roughly a third of your child’s energy resources.

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