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How do I make travelling with baby go more smoothly?

Sometimes the thought of travelling or even running simple errands can seem like an impossible chore with baby. Having a baby in the back seat of your car does not mean an end to road trips. It just means better planning. There are things that you can do to make travelling easier, whether it is a trip out shopping or on a longer trip.

Babies like routine. Try to keep to the same schedule (feeding, bathing, and napping) whether you’re taking a short trip out or taking an extended a trip of a few days. Try not to go out when baby is tired or too close to feeding time. When it comes to nap time, encourage the baby to nap.

Make the trip fun for the baby; you'll both be happier for it. Talk and sing to them, perhaps starting out with their favourite songs. If the baby should start to fuss, change to something different like a favourite a soft toy. Sometimes that baby may just want you, so be prepared to sit beside them in the back seat.
Also, make frequent stops along the way, to change baby and stretch your legs.

Don't be too ambitious or set unrealistic travel goals. Be flexible. Remember, travel plans should not be set in stone. You may need to stop more frequently than you planned to settle a fussy baby. A trip that took three hours pre-baby, may now take an extra hour or two, so build in extra time to allow for the unexpected.

It helps to have a master packing list to be used for all excursions. Keep the list handy; perhaps tucked into the baby's travel bag, preferably a bag with lots of pockets (you can never have too many pockets).
The list should include such items as nappies, wipes, cream, changing pads, garbage bags, formula, juice, water, baby food and utensils. If the baby is on medication, this needs to be included too. Be sure to pack a small first aid kit, a thermometer, and a torch. You will also require a small cooler to transport the formula, juice and water. Pack only what you feel is necessary for the actual road trip. You can purchase other supplies once you reach your destination.

Try to avoid travelling in bad weather. Making pit stops in the pouring rain can be harrowing. Don't give infants a lot of orange juice while travelling, as orange juice can cause some babies to become carsick. You may want to consider packing a stroller and carrier.

Remember to travel safely. Make sure that the baby's car seat is installed properly. Never unbuckle the baby without stopping first.

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