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How much weight should my baby gain?

Many new mothers worry about whether their baby is gaining enough weight. Others worry their baby is putting on too much weight.
In the first week of life, most babies lose a few pounds.
The biggest things a new mother wants to pay attention to is whether your baby is feeding well and going to the bathroom regularly and with ease.
Around week two of your baby’s life, she will gain weight and should weigh about what she did at birth.
During the first month of life, your baby will probably put on about an ounce every day. After that, baby will put on a pound or two each month. At about six months of age, your baby should have doubled her birth weight. When she reaches her first birthday, she will probably have tripled her birth weight.
Overall, your doctor will be most concerned with your baby’s satiety after eating and how many wet nappies she is generating each day.  Your baby may be smaller than other babies her age, but as long as she is eating and maintaining good waste functioning, she is probably just fine as she is.

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