Mums know how important it is to stay active in order to live a healthy life. While joining a gym is an expense that most can’t afford walking can be a fantastic alternative. Being a gentle exercise it can be enjoyed by families with varying levels of fitness. There are some lovely scenic routes all across Ireland which can be enjoyed as a whole family.
Here are some great tips for mums who want to get the most out of walking:
  • Shoes must be comfortable and supportive, be light in weight and roomy around the toe.
  • Walk at a pace that suits you but do try and push yourself each time you go for a walk. To challenge yourself increase your speed and push it until the end.
  • Swing your arms as you go. You will burn more calories and work your upper arm muscles.
  • Stretch it out. Stretching helps prevent injury and reduces stiffness.
  • Remember to bring your water; it’s important to stay hydrated while exercising.