Every child who has had to witness their dad dancing, wearing socks and sandals or telling inappropriate jokes will be able to relate to Nathalia and her extremely embarrassing dad!


The most embarrassing dad in the world is back and he’s embarrassing Nat even more than ever. This time they’re on holiday in France but everything is far from ‘bonne’.


The second in a fun-filled trilogy, with a gorgeous package to boot, the most embarrassing dad in the world was embarrassing his daughter before he was even born – and now they’re on holiday together!


Most girls would be more than delighted to be told they were heading to the South of France, but not Nathalia, because it means she will have to spend all that time with her really embarrassing dad! Not only has he given her the name Nathalia Buttface, but he looks ridiculous in shorts, gets all pink and peely on his bald spot and thinks speaking French means speaking in English with an accent.


Maybe this holiday will be different, though. A farm in the South of France with a pool – surely even Dad can’t ruin this.


Part of a hilarious trilogy set to bring the laugh-out-loud magic book back to girl's fiction, this is a must-read!


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