Our favourites from PLAYMOBIL this Christmas

Along with all the usual fun and merriment of Christmas, one of the things I really look forward to is seeing kids playing with toys and one of our favourites is the PLAYMOBIL range. These toys are just perfect for getting kids excited about play time, setting their imaginations alive with ideas and stories. It’s a brilliant thing to see, but it’s also really good for their development.

They sharpen their communication and social skills by simulating conversations and scenarios, whether it’s between trucks or animals. What looks like them just creating a mess and playing around in the sandpit is a sensory learning experience. Playacting simulates the world and scenarios around them as they learn how to deal with socially and intellectually challenging environments.

The PLAYMOBIL brand has understood the importance of encouraging children’s imagination since the 1970s, with their creative and imagination-inspiring sets that allow children the freedom and opportunity to engage in play.

Their horse and pony range are made with children’s imaginations and creativity in mind. And are an endless source of fun play with my little ones - these are our favourites.

Horseback Riding Lessons

Off to great riding fun with the Horseback Riding Lessons - from the two stable stalls, it goes through the gate doors into the spacious run. Here, the little riding student is already waiting excitedly for the next riding lesson. The riding instructor helps her onto the pony and then the training can begin. Slowly the pony starts to move and the pupil can show what she has already learned. Good horse care is part of the training as well. Brushing the coat, cleaning hooves and mucking out the stable are a daily routine.

My Figures: Horse Ranch

With the new My Figures from PLAYMOBIL, children can now create a PLAYMOBIL world entirely according to their ideas, unleash their creativity and develop their individual personalities in the process. Figures included: 2 riders, 1 vet, 2 forest workers, 1 farmer; Animals: 1 horse, 1 foal, 1 fawn, 1 bird; Accessories: 1 stable with meadow, 1 axe, 1 doctor's case, 1 rider's helmet, 1 bucket, 1 log, 1 grooming set, 1 stack of hay, 1 binoculars, 1 basket, 1 bundle of carrots

Horse Farm


A door for the horses leads straight out into the spacious outdoor paddock from the two lockable stalls. The large tack room is filled with lots of realistic accessories.

Pony Farm

Three ponies are accommodated in a single box and a two box. The stable doors lead out in the big playpen which can be built up with the fence adaptably. The attic offers a lot of place for feed and straw.

Adventure Pony Ride


Riding with the pony in open nature is the best thing - first it goes along the paddock and then across the fields. At a small stream the ducks happily croak to the trio. A good place for a little break. What a wonderful day! The playset consists of two PLAYMOBIL figures father and daughter, two ponies and a foal, a paddock, a brook run with frog, otter, ducks and butterflies as well as many other loving extras.

Car with Pony Trailer

If a pony needs to go to the vet, it is transported with the spacious Pony Trailer. The little boy carefully accompanies his pony over the ramp into the trailer. This is not so easy, but together the two of them manage it. Once the pony is in the trailer, the ramp is folded up and the trailer is coupled to the car. The playset contains a Car with Pony Trailer, two PLAYMOBIL figures, a pony and other extras. The roof of car and trailer can be removed.


There is a huge range available from PLAYMOBIL – with lots of different themes and designs, there’s something for every child. The only limit is their imagination.  Give the gift of play this Christmas with PLAYMOBIL. Find your local stockist here.


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