A quick-thinking 5-year old girl saved her blind grandmother’s life when she led her to safety after their house caught fire.


Little Cloe Woods from Louisiana in the US heard the smoke alarm go off in in the early hours of the morning and jumped out of bed to run into her grandmother’s room. The clever little girl than asked her gran to hold onto her shoulder so she could her out of the house to safety.


Cloe had been on a field trip to her town’s Fire Department just months before, so when the unthinkable happened she was ready to spring into action.



And after making sure her grandmother and dog were safe, the spunky little hero ran from door to door looking for water and shouting, “Call 911, my house is on fire!”


The Fire Department Chief commended Cloe’s bravery and said thanks what she learned on her field trip, tragedy was avoided.


It just shows that it’s NEVER too young to teach kids fire safety


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