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Should my child play sports?

Every parent must decide for themselves whether or not to allow their child to play organised sports. Some parents worry about the safety of their child and don't allow it, while others fear it will hut schoolwork and result in poor results. However here are five positive reasons to let your child play sport:
Effects of playing sports on social lives:
There is little doubt that playing youth sports will increase the chances of your child being social. It gives children ample opportunites to meet and make firm friends that htey might otherwise not have access too. Sports is a great way for children to develop social skills.
Effect of playing sports on grades:
Many parents fear that grades will slip or that their kids won't want to study if they play sports. However, this isn't the case, sports in schools causes most kids to be more successful. Many sports also teach skills that help with classwork and coaches sometimes will intertwine this with on the field coaching.
Effects of playing sports on health:
In today's society kids spend countless hours playing video games and watching television. Sports can be that exercise that sets them on a path for life health. Active kids are much healthier in the long run.
Effects of playing sports on life skills:
There are simply some skills in sports that you do not get any other way. For example, learning how to work together to score the winning touchdown. Of course, you can do this in business or in any other way, but the impact is not hard and fast. Not only do they learn when they succeed in getting the touchdown, they also learn when they do not. Dealing with adversity is very black and white in sports and that is a winning life skill for everyone.
Fun is another great reason:
For all the great reasons to play sports as a child, having fun is one of the best. Your child will have the time of their life. Let them get out there and have fun with other kids.

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