It can often be difficult to know if your child has sight problems as many will simply learn to get around any issues in other ways, for instance by squinting or avoiding certain situations.
With this in mind, it is important you are vigilant when it comes to looking out for certain symptoms or signs that they are experiencing vision problems - the earlier you address any issues the better it is for your child:
Closes one eye when looking closely at things
If the issue is just with one eye, then your little one will more than likely close their bad eye. 
Constantly rubbing their eye(s)
If you notice your little one is rubbing their eye or eyes constantly when they aren’t tired, it could be a sign that something is bothering or irritating them.
Suffers from headaches
Headaches are a sign of eye strain so if your little one is constantly complaining of a pain in their head or around their eyes you should get it checked out.
Using finger to read
Many children use their finger to follow the lines of a book, but if they struggle to read or lose their place when they take their finger away, you should get their eyes checked.
Dislike towards reading
Not all children like reading, but if you find your child really doesn’t like it, it may be because they can’t see properly or their sight is blurry making it difficult to see.
Asks to sit up front in class
Not many children want to sit up front in class but if your son or daughter asks to be put up there try to find out why.
Can’t differentiate colours
If you notice your little one struggles with differentiating colours or gets them wrong, it may be because they are colour blind.