The Australian Road Safety Foundation have started a very clever campaign to get drivers to slow down in residential areas and it’s so simple!


Life-sized stickers of children stepping towards the road are now available for home owner’s bins along with speed limit signs.


Such a simple concept that could have a huge impact on the number of road accidents each year.


With people able to order their stickers online, this is readily available to anyone if they should want it.


After years of steadily declining road death numbers, the last two years has seen a reversal in that trend and the ARSF are acting on it.


CEO, Russell White told The Independent:


“We believe these stickers have the potential to have a real impact on our roads, “he said.”


“We have seen some very effective road safety campaigns in recent years that highlight the danger that speeding poses to children crossing streets.”


“The ‘Life Saving’ sticker campaign builds on this education process, by providing a real-time reminder to motorists to reduce their speed.”


"If someone is exceeding the speed limit, we hope these stickers will prompt them to immediately slow down. Even small changes in vehicle speed can have a dramatic impact on stopping distances.”



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