Strictly’s Ellie Leach gets emotional as she opens up about being cheated on

Ellie Leach has shared her vulnerable side, amid reflecting on her breakup.

The Strictly Come Dancing champion got her heart broken last year when her now-ex boyfriend, Reagan Pettman, admitted that he had cheated on her in a nightclub.

Following their split, Ellie’s ex then took the opportunity to sell the story to The Sun newspaper.

Now, in new reality series Drama Queens, Ellie has opened up about how her former partner’s actions hurt her.

In the first episode of the ITV series, which aired last night, the 23-year-old was shown chatting to her mum.

In the scene, Ellie began to read out an email that had been sent to her agent.

“‘I just wanted you to know that Ellie Leach’s ex has chatted to us. He’s really nice about Ellie and says she’s perfect. He also admits to cheating on her,’” Ellie read, before going on to explain how it made her feel.

“It was just a shock. I was like, ‘What?’. It’s weird, because it…” she stated, before she began to cry.

“That article in particular kind of felt like all your dirty laundry is just, like, available for everyone to see. It’s no reflection of who you are but it still feels embarrassing. It still feels like you’ve done something wrong, when you haven’t,” she detailed.

“It just feels like wherever you go, everyone’s talking about you. I can truly, truly say that I gave someone everything. And if that’s not enough, then it’s not enough. But I’m sure it’ll be enough for somebody else,” the former Coronation Street actress continued.

Ellie’s mum went on to add: “Your family and friends adore you for who you are and no one else matters. No one else matters.”

Ellie’s ex Reagan previously confessed to The Sun that he kissed someone else during a night out.

The 22-year-old, who dated Ellie for five years, noted: “It sounds cliché but I was really drunk and it all happened at once. I knew what I had done was wrong and instantly regretted it.”