A major study has revealed that half of young people have been bullied in the past year.


Of those, 33% say they have had suicidal thoughts.


The research which was commissioned by Ditch the Label has revealed some very upsetting results.


Chief executive, Liam Hackett, said in a statement to The Mirror: “Bullying is currently one of the biggest threats faced by young people in the UK today.”


“It can and frequently does have a huge impact on the health, welfare and the future prospects of young people in the millions.”


He added: “By understanding the reasons why young people bully we will be a step closer to combating the issue once and for all.”


The research revealed multiple reasons for bullying, one of which was bullies feel less loved by their families than a typical child.


It was said that 33% of bullies have daily arguments in their home compared to the average of 10%.


The study used responses from nearly 9,000 12 to 20 year olds and went into quite a lot of detail.



We’ve broken down some of those results for you here:


  • Victims twice as likely to go on to bully others.


  • 20% of young people have physically attacked someone.


  • 66% of bullies are male.


  • 31% of bullies are female.


  • More girls are victims of bullying than boys.


  • But those who identified as trans are bullied the most.


  • 14% admitted to bullying someone, 12% admit to bullying daily.


  • 39% of bullies experienced a significant family fall out.


  • 44% of those bullied have suffered from depression.


  • 31% of those who have bullied go on to self-harm.


  • 15% developed an eating disorder.


MPs are now to launch an inquiry into children being harassed or sexual attacked at school.


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